Arrangement method of clearance of Flexible Jaw Coupling

Flexible Jaw Coupling

The Flexible Jaw Coupling adopts sliding thrust bearing or cylindrical roller thrust bearing, which is mainly related to the rotation diameter of the Flexible Jaw Coupling and the characteristic speed of the transmitted torque. The Flexible Jaw Coupling is placed at the shaft head of the cross shaft. Its characteristics can reduce the shaft head friction of the cross shaft, increase the flexibility of joint operation, and extend the service life of the Flexible Jaw Coupling. Because of the large torque transmitted by the Flexible Jaw Coupling and its heavy weight, the cylindrical roller thrust bearing is generally placed at the head of the cross shaft, or at the root of the cross shaft. If the cylindrical roller is designed to be convex, the contact stress at both ends of the cylindrical roller can be reduced.

There are three configurations of the Flexible Jaw Coupling: coaxial configuration, right angle configuration and axial clearance configuration. The Flexible Jaw Coupling that cannot meet the system configuration requirements may fail prematurely. In the process of shaft configuration, the unreasonable structural form of the plum blossom coupling will also bring additional load to the bearing, leading to premature failure of the bearing. In the start or stop system, the user is recommended to use the Flexible Jaw Coupling with small inertia moment, so that the energy consumption and the abrasion of parts can be reduced during the start and delay. The vibration of the quincunx coupling shall be as small as possible, and it will not increase the weight of the machine tool during the hot start time.

In the positioning mechanism of the image acquisition system, the damping Flexible Jaw Coupling and damping spring bearing seat can be installed to reduce the mass of the machine tool base or eliminate the need for damping weights. In applications where accuracy is required, the transmission of the torx coupling without clearance is a very important condition, that is, there must be no rotating clearance between the parts of the torx coupling. The Flexible Jaw Coupling can be bent under the condition of bearing the deviation, but under the torsion load, it also has the same effect on the rigidity of the coupling. Excessive swing clearance under torque load will affect the accuracy of the coupling and weaken its overall performance.

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