Balance degree of plum coupling on high-speed transmission shaft

Flexible Jaw Couplings

The cleaning of all parts of the coupling is a work after disassembly. During the disassembly of the coupling, it is more difficult to remove the hub from the shaft. For key-connected hub, generally use three-leg puller or four-leg puller for disassembly. The selected puller should match the overall dimensions of the hub. The right angle hook of each leg of the puller should be properly combined with the rear side of the hub, so that it will not slip when applied. The environmental data, impact and vibration, ambient temperature and humidity range, oil, solvent, corrosive liquid, vapor and radiation of the plum blossom coupling used for transportation, storage and use on the transmission parts exist.

The working speed and the centrifugal force caused by the plum coupling. For the high-speed transmission shaft, the coupling with high balance should be selected. The size and direction of the relative displacement of the two shafts are difficult to maintain the strict alignment of the two shafts after installation and adjustment. When the two shafts produce large additional relative displacement during the working process, the flexible coupling should be selected. The working environment of the plum blossom coupling is usually made of metal components and does not need lubrication. The performance of the coupling that needs lubrication is easily affected by the degree of lubrication and may pollute the environment. On the premise of meeting the service performance, the coupling with convenient assembly and disassembly, simple maintenance and low cost shall be selected.

The service life of metal elastic element is longer than that of flexible coupling of non-metal elastic element. The coupling that needs sealing lubrication and does not use increases the maintenance workload. Before disassembling the Flexible Jaw Coupling, make some marks on the matching positions of the coupling components to serve as a reference for reassembly. For the coupling used for high-speed machines, the connecting bolts have been weighed and marked clearly and cannot be mistaken. When disassembling the coupling, generally remove the connecting bolts first. Because of a layer of oil dirt, corrosion products and other deposits deposited on the thread surface, it is difficult to disassemble the bolts, especially for the bolts with serious corrosion.

The proper tool shall be selected for the removal of the connecting bolt, because the bearing surface of the outer hexagon or inner hexagon of the bolt has been damaged by slipping, and the removal will be more difficult. For bolts that have been rusted or have a lot of oil stains, solvent (such as rust remover) is often used to spray the joint between bolts and nuts to allow the solvent to penetrate into the thread, which will be easy to remove. The plum coupling has good balance performance and is suitable for high speed applications, but it cannot handle large deviation, especially axial deviation. Large eccentricity and deflection angle will produce greater bearing load than other servo couplings. The plum coupling is driven by extrusion while the slider coupling is driven by shear.

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