Bending stress caused by axial installation error of Steel Laminae Coupling

Steel Laminae Coupling

The membrane segment between two adjacent bolt holes in the coupling can be equivalent to a cantilever beam, and the calculation formula of the internal stress of the diaphragm when the connecting-rod diaphragm coupling is subjected to torque, centrifugal load, axial displacement and angular displacement is derived by using the method of material mechanics. At the same time, a method for calculating the torsional stiffness of the diaphragm is proposed, which is a typical method for analyzing the stress and stiffness of the diaphragm by using empirical formula. The diaphragm coupling is a rigid movable coupling, which compensates the misalignment of two shafts by the relative slip between the tooth surfaces.

The bending stress caused by the axial installation error of the Steel Laminae Coupling, due to the actual installation error in the axial direction, causes the diaphragm to bend and deform along the axial direction. The displacement is loaded in the axial direction of the middle bolt hole, and the radial displacement and axial displacement are fixed. In the process of selecting the diaphragm coupling, the main part is to see the elasticity and toughness of the intermediate elastomer diaphragm. If there is no special requirement, the diaphragm material is generally stainless steel.

Products with diaphragms have edges and may cause injury. It is recommended to wear thick gloves during installation. Please install protective covers and other devices around the coupling. When the shaft center deviation exceeds the allowable value during installation, the coupling may be deformed, resulting in damage or shortened service life. When multiple deviations occur at the same time, the corresponding allowable value shall be halved. Tighten the screws after inserting the mounting shaft, otherwise the coupling will be deformed. Please use a torque wrench when tightening the screws. Do not use screws other than accessories for installation.

Please use a torque wrench when tightening the screws. Do not use screws other than accessories for installation. If there is abnormal sound during the operation, please stop the operation immediately and check the installation accuracy and screw looseness. The inherent characteristics of the system change under the action of the misalignment, where the corresponding value of the real part of the eigenvalue decreases and the imaginary part increases, and the first several modes of the system no longer present symmetrical or antisymmetric characteristics, with the deformation of one span of the rotor being the main one, and the deformation of the other span hardly occurs.

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