Cardan Universal Shaft has high torque transmission efficiency

Cardan Universal Shaft

The universal joint also has the ability to compensate the offset of two shafts to eliminate or reduce the additional load caused by the relative offset of the two shafts, improve the transmission performance and extend the service life of the machine; In order to reduce the vibration of the mechanical transmission system and reduce the impact peak load, the coupling should also have a certain damping performance. The fracture of the cardan shaft of the universal joint may be due to improper selection, because the selection of the cardan shaft is different under different conditions. Universal joint is used to connect two shafts and cross shafts, and is two shafts at any angle, thus forming four rotating pairs.

During the manufacturing process, the end face is not perpendicular to the axis line or the center line of the end bolt hole is not concentric with the journal due to process or measurement; During the installation process, the shaft will be deformed after tightening the connecting bolts (gear sleeve bolts), and then the journal will have large wobble; Sometimes, because of the difference in the tightening force of the connecting bolts in the circumferential direction of the coupling, it will also cause the same situation as the deviation of the coupling end face. The Cardan Universal Shaft can make the two shafts which are not on the same axis, have a large bending angle and a large axial movement rotate continuously at constant angular speed; Universal joint reliably transmits torque and motion, and has greater angular compensation capability.

Cardan Universal Shaft is often used to connect the spatial coupling on the same axis, with small volume, large torque, large angular axial and radial compensation capacity. The Cardan Universal Shaft allows the flat angle between two shafts to change with the work needs within a limited range, and requires the equipment with slow speed to operate. The axial included angle of each section is 45 degrees, and the finished hole tolerance can be opened according to the requirements, including keyed slot hole, medium round hole, s-shaped square hole and F-shaped hexagonal hole. When the cross shaft is slightly bent after being stressed, it can still maintain suitable bearing clearance, which is commonly used in the transmission of equipment with joint function such as conveying, paper making, elevator, tea making machine and rolling.

Axial positioning uses rolling body to replace common sliding friction, thus prolonging the wear cycle and increasing the service life of the cross case; The details of each structure fully reflect the maximization of torque transmission efficiency and reliable sealing to ensure the long-term effectiveness of bearing raceway lubrication. In order to increase the service life of the universal joint, adjust the spider by 180 degrees during each disassembly to make the spider journal use alternately. Cardan Universal Shafts are recommended to be oiled once a week and once a day under high temperature conditions. Cracks or fractures often occur during use. Routine maintenance can reduce the equipment failure rate.

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