Common alignment measurement methods of universal joint drive shaft

universal joint

Before aligning the universal joint drive shaft, it is necessary to measure and calculate it and analyze the deviation so as to better complete the alignment. Here is a brief introduction to common measurement methods.

Measure the radial deviation of the outer circle of the universal joint with a square and a feeler gauge in all directions, and then measure the axial clearance deviation between the end faces of the two half couplings with a feeler gauge. Through analysis and adjustment, the alignment can be achieved. Use the center card and feeler gauge to measure. Because the center card has no uniform specification, it needs to be made by itself. It can measure the radial clearance and axial clearance of universal joint at the same time, with simple operation and high measurement accuracy. Dial gauge measurement method: use a special fixture to install on the half coupling as the reference, and then use the dial gauge to measure the clearance and axial clearance deviation value. This method can greatly improve the accuracy of measurement.

The above are some commonly used alignment methods. I hope they can help you.

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