Curved-tooth Gear Coupling adapts to various deviations and torques

The Curved-tooth Gear Coupling uses parallel or spiral grooving system to adapt to various deviations and accurately transmit torque, and usually has good performance. In many practical applications of stepping and servo systems, the integrated design makes the Curved-tooth Gear Coupling realize the characteristics of zero clearance and no maintenance. The Curved-tooth Gear Coupling can bear various deviations, and is more suitable for correcting the deflection angle and axial deviation, but the ability to handle the eccentricity is relatively poor, because the spiral groove is bent in two different directions at the same time, which will generate great internal pressure, resulting in premature failure of the coupling.

The long spiral groove coupling can easily bend under various deviations, but under torsion load, it also has the same effect on the rigidity of the coupling, and the excessive swing clearance under torsion load will affect the accuracy of the coupling and weaken its overall performance. It is composed of the inner gear ring with the same number of teeth and the flange half coupling connected with the outer gear. The outer gear is divided into straight gear and drum gear. The Curved-tooth Gear Coupling can allow a large angular displacement, improve the contact conditions of the teeth, improve the ability to transmit torque, and extend the service life. When there is an angular displacement, the contact state along the tooth width.

The axial tooth blank of the outer gear shaft sleeve of the Curved-tooth Gear Coupling can be processed into two types: straight and circular, while the indexing circle and the tooth root circle are both straight. The meshing form of this coupling is the same as that of the internal and external teeth of the involute cylindrical gear. The relative displacement between the two shafts can be compensated by increasing the tooth side clearance of the internal and external teeth, but the compensation amount is limited. The Curved-tooth Gear Coupling has good compensation performance, and the tooth shape of the outer gear shaft sleeve is drum, which increases the allowable relative deviation of the two shafts; The rubber sealing ring of the Curved-tooth Gear Coupling is aging, the sealing performance is deteriorated, and the oil leakage reduces its transmission torque, which makes it difficult to start.

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