Curved tooth gear coupling shall be marked with geometric tolerance

curved tooth gear coupling

The tooth surface is the contact condition of internal and external teeth, which avoids the shortcomings of straight tooth edge extrusion and stress concentration under the condition of angular displacement. At the same time, the friction and wear conditions of the tooth surface are reduced, the noise is reduced, and the maintenance period is long. The internal structure of gear coupling is relatively complex, which can meet the use requirements of torque and speed. The gear coupling has the characteristics of high strength, toughness and good hardenability. Small deformation during quenching, high fatigue and multiple impact resistance after quenching and tempering treatment, good impact toughness at low temperature, high creep strength and strength at high temperature, lubricating oil sprayed from each small hole at the bottom of the gear teeth, and the oil enters the mating surface under the action of centrifugal force for lubrication and cooling.

In the process of use, it is necessary to inspect the components of the gear coupling. When checking and measuring the form and position error of the gear coupling, pay attention to the measuring datum, and pay attention to the elements marked with the principle of inclusion and the principle of large entity. For the elements that are not marked with geometric tolerance on the paper, the inspector shall find the tolerance value according to the standard as required; Through some methods, we can simply disassemble the interference cooperation gear coupling. The interference fit of the gear coupling is sleeved on the peripheral surface of the shaft, and the gear coupling is heated with a heating fire ring. The heating fire ring is annular tubular, and the inner side of the heating fire ring is arranged with multiple air outlets according to the preset distance.

The heating fire ring is also provided with an air inlet pipe which is connected with a gas source; We set the heating fire scam on the periphery of the gear coupling, open the gas source, heat the fire ring and burn it, so that each air outlet can spray flame to heat the coupling; Dismantle the tooling including U-shaped pawl. The two ends of the pawl are located at the U-shaped opening and are separated from each other with hook parts. The two hook parts of the pawl are twisted in opposite directions. The U-shaped dimension of the pawl is compatible with the dimension of the curved tooth gear coupling; The coupling is placed in the U-shaped internal space of the pawl, so that the hook of the pawl hooks the end of the tooth-type coupling far away from the end face of the shaft and separates the tooth-type coupling from the shaft.

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