Determinants of rotating speed when using the Flexible Jaw Couplings

Flexible Jaw Couplings

It brings a lot of convenience to the work in use, and the speed of the Flexible Jaw Couplings has a decisive factor in use. The speed range of the plum coupling is also determined by different materials, so there are many factors that affect the speed of the plum coupling. If the torque and speed of the plum coupling are the same, but the journals of the driving and driven ends are different, the coupling model should be selected according to the large shaft diameter. Non-metallic elastic element elastic coupling shall not be selected at high speed; The deformation of the elastic element is formed at high speed. The flexible coupling should be selected. The coupling used for high speed is no more than diaphragm coupling and drum gear coupling.

The two half couplings are put in the heat preservation box or oil tank for preheating in advance, so that the inner hole size can be enlarged and it is easy to install them. The rear axle head of the device cannot protrude from the end face of the half coupling. For the occasion of frequent load start or working load change, the plum blossom coupling shall have elastic elements that play the role of cushioning and vibration reduction to protect the prime mover and working machine from little or no damage. The movability of the plum blossom coupling refers to the ability to compensate the relative displacement of the two rotating components. The manufacturing and installation errors between the connected components, the temperature changes during operation and the load deformation and other factors put forward requirements for the movability.

Due to the additional load between shafts, bearings, couplings and other components caused by the relative displacement between rotating components, the elastic body of the plum blossom coupling has two colors: red and yellow, and the shape is hard. If the material is not good or bad, it can not be distinguished from the shape. According to the physical changes, we can distinguish the difference between the materials. The method is to heat the water to make the temperature reach 100 degrees Celsius. When the temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius, we can find that the hard plum coupling elastomer is made of polyurethane, while the soft plum coupling elastomer is made of polydeer. Another identification method is to smell the smell. The good elastomer basically has no big smell, while the second elastomer has a strong pungent smell.

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