Diaphragm Coupling avoids magnifying measurement error

Steel Laminae Coupling

During the assembly process of metal flexible diaphragm coupling, appropriate measurement datum shall be selected. The diaphragm coupling shall avoid magnifying the measurement error. The measurement datum of the motor half coupling shall be the combination of the motor and the connecting plate. The measurement datum of the reducer half coupling shall be the combination of the connecting cover and the connecting plate. The end of the elastic coupling shall penetrate the bolt from the outside of the small hole of the flange plate, and penetrate the buffer sleeve from the outside of the large hole of the other flange plate, Elastic washer, tighten the nut with a wrench.

Due to the error of axial disassembly, the diaphragm is bent and deformed along the axis. The displacement is loaded at the axial position, radial displacement and axial displacement of the local bolt hole. Imprison is applied in the middle space of the two ends, and the local hole is used to bear the load. In this way, it is treated as a statically determinate simply supported mechanism. It can be seen from the analysis of the real data that the coupling and diaphragm group are greatly affected by the low-order modal frequency.

According to the length of the pin of the bolt with pin, adopt the positive and negative installation method. The adjusting washer and the fastening nut are installed on the same side to ensure accurate positioning. The bolt installation direction before and after rectification shall ensure the positioning length of the bolt with pin, and good positioning and concentricity under high-speed optional installation. For the couplings of various drum gear coupling series, for example, the confirmation of the module and tooth number of the drum gear coupling, and the confirmation of the tooth width in the table.

Before installation, check the fitting condition of the end face key slot, etc. After installation, check all the screws during normal operation. If any looseness is found, repeat this for several shifts to prevent the fretting wear of the diaphragm during high-speed operation, which may lead to the micro-crack and damage of the diaphragm bolt hole. The installation and alignment requirements of non-metallic elastic coupling and diaphragm coupling are relatively good. Once the misalignment exceeds the allowable range, the coupling will be fast.

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