Digital function of Curved-tooth Gear Couplings

Drum gear couplings

Drum gear couplings are adaptive and self-tuning technologies that can compensate for load changes, especially distributed high-end drum-shaped gear couplings with communication, networking functions and integrated PLC; on the other hand, they are simple or industry-specific. Drum gear couplings and mechatronics, miniaturized drum-shaped gear couplings. Drum-shaped gear coupling is a key equipment for energy saving.

According to online media statistics, the current domestic motors with variable loads and energy-saving potential are at least 180 million kilowatts, which provides a huge market for the application of Curved-tooth Gear Couplings. The application of Curved-tooth Gear Couplings has expanded from common fans and water pumps to food, beverages, logistics, buildings, etc., constantly expanding and new energy-saving fields, and its functions have also been improved and diversified. On the one hand, it is fully digital. Complete functions. In addition, due to the advent of new high-voltage power electronic devices, high-voltage and medium-pressure Curved-tooth Gear Couplings have also made considerable progress.

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