Flexible Coupling is the power output device of reducer

Flexible Coupling

The flexible coupling has mobility and good compensation ability. It can reduce errors in the process of manufacturing and installation, and can adapt to the changes of factors in various environments. Because all kinds of mechanical equipment can improve the requirements, the flexible coupling can play such characteristics in the process of working, and can also meet the requirements of various industrial environments. The Flexible Coupling can be used correctly without any problems. It can reach a long service life without maintenance and can also display its characteristics.

Connecting the engine power output shaft and the power absorption device plays the role of transmitting power. This connection structure allows the concentricity of the two shafts connected to be affected due to insufficient rigidity, machining error, poor assembly or heavy load, such as the engine, reducer, power device or power absorption device. The elastic shaft in the Flexible Coupling is generally a thin and long hollow shaft with good elasticity. While transmitting power, it can also reduce the torsional vibration caused by the angular speed change of the reducer gear during operation, and avoid causing the vibration of the rotor. When the rotor load changes suddenly, it can also play a buffering role to protect the reducer or power output device.

In structure, this kind of loose connection is generally achieved through the meshing side clearance and installation of the spline connection at both ends of the elastic shaft, and the determined axial displacement, and is limited to the relative bending deformation of the two connected shafts. The loose connection can compensate the radial, angular and axial displacement caused by the manufacturing, installation, bearing deformation and temperature change of the two connected shafts. Flexible Coupling with tight connection is usually called rigid Flexible Coupling, such as the connection between compressor and turbine rotor in the engine and the connection between wheel disc and shaft. Tight connection is also commonly used to install gear or other parts with gear sleeve.

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