Flexible Coupling sealing device has different effects

Flexible Coupling

Install corresponding sealing devices on the surfaces of both ends to protect the grease in the bearing from loss and ensure that the bearing is in a lubricating state; We protect the bearing to prevent external dust or harmful gas from entering the bearing cavity, so as not to damage the bearing; Common sealing rings of rubber or engineering plastics, and sealing rings made of steel plates; The flexible coupling has various sealing structures and different sealing effects; The main types, characteristics and functional categories of Flexible Couplings in the transmission system can increase the power of the grinding wheel drive system, improve the rigidity of the machine tool and extend the service life.

The high-strength bolts and self-locking nuts of the Flexible Coupling connect the flanges at both ends to other mechanical parts. The transmission torque is through the friction between the flange and the flange. The bolts can only be matched from the connecting flange side to the flange side where the nut passes through the coupling. The axial, radial and angular compensation is large, the high-strength polyurethane elastomer is oil-resistant, the coupling does not need to be smooth, and the maintenance operation is small. It is composed of two non-metallic claw-shaped discs and elastomers. These two non-metallic claw-plates are usually steel, but they are also effective under standard load. The elastic part of the coupling is similar to the plum blossom, and the elastic part needs to move to the shaft.

Flexible Coupling

Several non-metallic elastic material pins are used for the coupling, two half-connecting flange holes are put together, and the half-coupling is realized through the pin; During operation, the Flexible Coupling is subject to elastic shearing, which is applicable to the low-speed transmission shaft system. The reliability requirement is not applicable to the operation, but is applicable to various mechanical couplings. High-speed and low-speed movements are commonly used in the nylon pins, baffles and bolts of the coupling. In the pin holes of the two half-coupling flanges, the direction of the half-coupling holes changes alternately. The coupling has the advantages of small size, poor transmission torque, strong inlet connection error, and good durability.

Flexible Coupling is used for two common shaft components in heavy machinery. According to the production and assembly error, component deformation, wear, foundation settlement and other reasons, it will lead to the position deviation, axial displacement, radial displacement, angular displacement and other comprehensive movements of the two shafts, and the existence of additional dynamic load of the offset shaft, bearing and coupling will lead to vibration and working state changes. The thickness of the teeth on both sides gradually decreases and mesh with the teeth on the inner ring gear of the straight teeth. Because the top and tooth surface of the outer sleeve are curved, they are double couplings, and they are flexible, so their angle between the two shafts is poor.

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