Four major causes of vibration of universal joint

universal joint

Universal couplings play a very important role in our production because they move freely; But many friends will encounter vibration failure when using universal joint; Why is this? Let’s explain to you:

The balance part of the universal joint is not adjusted, so the universal joint cannot be balanced during use, which leads to the vibration of the universal joint; The universal joint is not installed correctly. The two universal joints of the universal joint are not on the same plane, so vibration will occur when using the universal joint. The bolts of the universal joint are loose, resulting in insufficient connection, which will make the universal joint shaft subject to external force during operation, and the universal joint has been vibrated. The wear between the spline shaft of the universal joint and the spline of the sleeve is large, which causes the joint clearance of the universal joint to become larger, which will make the universal joint unstable and vibrate.

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