Gear coupling torsional vibration

drum gear coupling sleeve

The torsional vibration of the gear coupling is analyzed and researched, mainly using the Fourier series solution method, and the gap, damping, and excitation force are used as parameters to perform a nonlinear analysis on the torsional vibration of the gear coupling connecting shaft system; then A large number of tests have been carried out on the axial vibration of the gear coupling connecting shaft system, and the main reason for the axial vibration is qualitatively explained. It is pointed out that the axial vibration is mainly caused by the misalignment and the frictional force of the tooth surface. Larger axial movement will occur when there is no axial restoring force or thrust bearing.Vibration analysis is one of the techniques for predicting coupling misalignment. It can judge the gradual change trend of the equipment state, but when judging whether a piece of equipment is in a misalignment state, it needs to have a lot of past data and examples for reference, and there are differences. The problem is the bearing, lubricating oil, coupling, or the fixed connection, so there are certain limitations. Infrared photography technology can distinguish overheated parts such as bearings, motor housings, couplings, etc. when the equipment is in poor condition, and determine the alignment error of the coupling, and combine it with other prediction technologies such as vibration analysis. , Its effect will be better.

The literature has conducted experiments on high-speed rotating steam turbine generators and blowers, and briefly explained the bending vibration caused by the gear coupling; the literature has different parameters such as unbalance, lubrication conditions, clearance, error, and load. The flexural vibration test of the gear coupling connection shaft system was carried out under the conditions; in addition, Yamauchi and Someya et al. conducted a nonlinear analysis of the flexural vibration of the semi-coupling system under the action of dry friction on the tooth surface. The vibration of the type coupling is mainly related to the misalignment of the internal and external gears and the friction of the tooth surface. Special attention should be paid to the lubrication of the tooth surface in the case of high-speed rotation.

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