How about the influence of Universal Shaft

Universal Shaft

Universal coupling belongs to the category of general mechanical parts, which is used to connect two shafts (driving shaft and driven shaft) in different mechanisms to make them rotate together to transmit torque; In the high-speed and heavy-load power transmission, some universal couplings also have the functions of cushioning, damping and improving the dynamic performance of the shafting; The universal coupling is composed of two parts, which are respectively connected with the driving shaft and the driven shaft; Generally, the power machine is connected with the working machine by means of the coupling, which is a common connecting part of the shafting transmission of mechanical products.

Universal couplings have a direct impact on the normal operation of all motion mechanisms. Therefore, the following points must be paid attention to when using:

The Universal Shaft shall not have more than the specified axis deflection and radial displacement, so as not to affect its transmission performance; The bolts of universal coupling shall not be loose or damaged; The gear coupling and cross slide coupling shall be lubricated regularly. Generally, grease shall be added once every 2-3 months to avoid severe wear of gear teeth, which may cause serious consequences; The Universal Shaft is not allowed to have cracks. If there are cracks, they need to be replaced (it can be knocked by a small hammer and judged according to the sound); If the elastic ring of the pin coupling and the seal ring of the gear coupling are damaged and aged, they should be replaced in time.

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