Main features of Steel Laminae Coupling

Steel Laminae Coupling

The Steel Laminae Coupling can compensate for the axial, radial and angular deviations between the active machine and the driven machine due to manufacturing errors, installation errors, load-bearing deformations, and the effects of temperature rise changes. The Steel Laminae Coupling is a flexible coupling with a metal elastic element. It relies on the metal coupling diaphragm to connect the main and driven machines to transmit torque. It has the advantages of elastic vibration reduction, no noise, and no need for lubrication. It is today’s replacement tooth Ideal product for type couplings and general couplings.

The ability to compensate for the misalignment of the two axes is strong. Compared with the gear coupling, the angular displacement can be doubled, the reaction force is small during radial displacement, the flexibility is large, and certain axial, radial and angular directions are allowed. Displacement.

It has obvious shock absorption, no noise and no wear.

It is suitable for working in high temperature (-80+300) and harsh environment, and can operate safely under shock and vibration conditions.

The transmission efficiency is high, up to 99.86%. Especially suitable for medium, high speed and high power transmission.

Simple structure, light weight, small size, convenient assembly and disassembly. It can be assembled and disassembled without moving the machine (refer to the type with intermediate shaft), and no lubrication is required.

It can accurately transmit the speed without slip, and can be used for the transmission of precision machinery.

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