Measuring method of Universal Shaft

Universal Shaft

Because we must measure the Universal Shaft when we choose it, many people don’t know how to measure the Universal Shaft? Let’s make a simple understanding of its measurement method.

Measure with angle ruler and feeler gauge. During the measurement, it is recommended to use the angle gauge and feeler gauge to measure the peripheral measurement, and then use the feeler gauge to measure the deviation value of the coupling clearance on both sides, then analyze and adjust the data, and finally calculate the appropriate installation position by centering it.

Use the center card and feeler gauge to measure. Because the center card itself does not have a correct specification and regulation, you can also choose to make a center card by yourself. It can measure its radial clearance and axial clearance. Moreover, compared with other measurement methods, the data measured by this measurement method is relatively accurate.

Measure with a dial gauge. The operation method is to install a professional clamp on the half coupling first, and then select a dial indicator to measure the axial clearance deviation. The measurement accuracy of this method is also worthy of affirmation.

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