Pre-installation matters and damping characteristics of Universal Shaft

Universal Shaft

For the situation of long-term continuous operation, the diaphragm coupling with long service life and no lubrication and maintenance has been generally used to replace, which improves economic benefits and can also purify the working environment. The universal coupling has good resistance and vibration reduction characteristics, which can absorb part of the vibration energy, reduce the vibration amplitude when passing through the vibration point, and extend the service life of the gear. In principle, both ends of Universal Shaft can be used as driving or driven. The installation shall comply with the design provisions of the transmission system, and the spline pair shall be kept away from the vibration source or impact source as far as possible. Before installation, clean the oil stain, dry the flange surface, and use torque wrench for flange connecting bolts.

For the universal coupling with flexible spline pair, check whether the spline shaft and the spline sleeve arrow mark are aligned during installation to ensure that the phase difference between the axes of the fork head bearing holes at both ends does not exceed. We should avoid long-term overloading use and operation accidents of Universal Shaft, otherwise the service life will be reduced. The universal coupling shall be fully lubricated, and the lubricating grease shall be supplemented once a week at the beginning of the bearing operation. After normal operation, replenish lubricating grease every quarter, and replenish lubricating grease every six months for spline pair. Apply new grease to extrude from the T-shaped oil seal until the new grease overflows.

For high-speed transmission shaft, the coupling with high balance accuracy should be selected, and the slider coupling with eccentricity should not be selected. The size and nature of the torque to be transmitted and the requirements for vibration damping function should be met. The Universal Shaft has the ability to compensate for the offset of two shafts to eliminate or reduce the additional load caused by the relative offset of the two shafts, improve the transmission performance and extend the service life of the machine. In order to reduce the vibration of the mechanical transmission system and reduce the impact peak load, the coupling should also have certain cushioning and damping performance, and the universal coupling may have deviation during use.

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