Reasons why the lubricating oil of Universal Shaft cannot be filled

Universal Shaft

When the universal coupling is being refueled, it will be found that it cannot be refueled. It may be due to the deformation of the nozzle or the rust of the nozzle. In this case, the oil passage will be blocked. It is necessary to replace the nozzle in time before the universal coupling can be refueled. When replacing, make sure that the interface is clean, and at the same time avoid dust, impurities or gravel inside. The oil injector itself makes the oil pressure higher through the action of the pump, and then achieves the oil injection effect through the high-pressure way. Therefore, the insufficient pressure of the oil injector itself may also lead to the situation that the oil cannot be added.

The principle of lubricant is to maintain the relevant position to achieve the lubrication effect. If it is necessary to replace it in a timely manner in different seasons, otherwise it is easy to harden the lubricating oil, thus blocking the oil hole, so that the oil can not be added naturally. In some cases, the workers may not consider the storage of oil or the relevant conditions of pre-filling oil before delivery, resulting in the situation that the oil can not be added during refueling. The Universal Shaft shall not have more than the specified axis deflection and radial displacement, so as not to affect its transmission performance; The hub is an important part connecting the components of the Universal Shaft, and a slight carelessness will cause damage to the Universal Shaft.

When disassembling the Universal Shaft, remember the position of each component to avoid not remembering the correct position of the component during installation. Among the universal couplings, it is difficult to assemble bolts, which are easy to slip or corrode during disassembly. At this time, it is necessary to clean them with solvent and spray them on the joints of parts, which will be easy to disassemble. The cross Universal Shaft is composed of two fork-shaped parts and a cross-shaped Universal Shaft. It is mainly used to connect the flanges at both ends to other mechanical components with high-strength bolts and self-locking nuts. Its transfer torque is transmitted through the flange end key and the torque between the flanges.

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