Reduction of errors in manufacturing and installation of curved-tooth gear coupling

curved-tooth gear coupling

The curved-tooth gear coupling can be used correctly without any problems, and can reach a long service life without maintenance, so it will be more convenient in the process of use, and can also play its specific advantages. Since all kinds of mechanical equipment can meet the high requirements, the curved-tooth gear coupling can play such advantages in the process of work, and meet the use requirements of various industrial environments. The drum-shaped gear coupling can achieve relatively stable functionality, and can reach a relatively good standard of stability, and can meet the requirements of load changes in various environmental applications.

In general, it is required that the two shafts connected be concentric, and it is impossible to maintain the concentric state during operation, because there are installation errors, bearing wear, stress deformation, foundation sinking, etc., which cause radial and angular displacement of the axis. The internal structure of the curved-tooth gear coupling is very complex, and the material used has corresponding requirements to meet the use requirements of torque and speed. The drum tooth surface of the curved-tooth gear coupling improves the contact conditions of the inner and outer teeth, avoids the disadvantages of extrusion of the edge of the straight tooth end and stress concentration under the condition of angular displacement, improves the friction of the tooth surface and reduces the noise.

The curved-tooth gear coupling has the mobility and good compensation ability, which can reduce the error in the process of manufacturing and installation. The drum-shaped gear coupling is widely used in various mechanical equipment, which can provide good compensation and protection in the process of processing and production, and can greatly standardize and standardize the production and processing to avoid damage to various mechanical equipment. Selecting appropriate specifications and models can produce good advantages and functions, meet the various requirements for production and processing, and play a variety of performance purposes. Offset compensation caused by installation deviation or bearing deformation can be corrected.

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