Stability factors of Flexible Jaw Coupling during disassembly

Flexible Jaw Couplings

Before disassembling the Flexible Jaw Coupling, make some marks on the matching positions of various parts of the coupling for reference during reassembly. For the coupling used for high-speed machines, its connecting bolts are weighed; Cleaning, cleaning and quality evaluation of all parts of the plum blossom coupling is a work after the coupling is disassembled. The evaluation of parts and components refers to the comparison between the existing conditions of the size, shape and material properties of each part and the quality standards determined by the design of parts and components after operation, and the determination of which parts and components can continue to be used, which parts and components should be used after repair, and which parts and components should be scrapped and updated.

In the process of disassembling the Torx coupling, the difficult work is to remove the hub from the shaft. For key-connected hub, generally use three-leg puller or four-leg puller for disassembly. The selected puller should match the overall dimensions of the hub. The right angle hook of each leg of the puller should be properly combined with the rear side of the hub, and it will not produce slippage imagination when using force. This method is used for disassembly of hub with small interference. For hub with large interference, often use heating method or cooperate with hydraulic jack for disassembly, The quincunx coupling shall be suitable for working occasions with frequent starting, positive and reverse rotation, medium and high speed, medium torque and high reliability.

Compared with other couplings, the Flexible Jaw Coupling has stable and reliable operation, good vibration damping, cushioning and electrical insulation performance; The quincunx coupling has large axial, radial and angular compensation capacity. The coupling does not need lubrication, requires less maintenance and can operate continuously for a long time. High-strength polyurethane elastic element is wear-resistant and oil-resistant, has large bearing capacity, long service life, and is stable and reliable. The Flexible Jaw Coupling has simple structure, small radial size, light weight and small moment of inertia, and is suitable for medium and high speed applications. The plum blossom coupling is mainly composed of two convex teeth that are closely meshed and bear radial extrusion to transmit torque. When the two axes are relatively offset, the elastic element will have corresponding elastic deformation, which plays an automatic compensation role.

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