Steel Laminae Coupling additional load propulsion working conditions

Steel Laminae Coupling

The Steel Laminae Coupling consists of several groups of diaphragms connected to two half couplings by bolts in a staggered manner. Each group of diaphragms is composed of several diaphragms. Diaphragm is divided into connecting rod type and integral type with different shapes. The Steel Laminae Coupling is composed of at least one diaphragm and two shaft sleeves. The Steel Laminae Coupling compensates the relative displacement of the two shafts through the elastic deformation of the diaphragm. It is a high-performance flexible coupling with strong metal elements. It has compact structure, high strength, long service life, no rotating clearance, and is not affected by temperature and oil pollution. The Steel Laminae Coupling has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for shaft transmission in high temperature, high speed and corrosive medium environment.

During operation, the diaphragm group bears tensile, extrusion, shear and other complex forces, is in a complex stress state, transmits torque and motion, absorbs vibration and compensates deviation. Therefore, due to manufacturing and installation errors, bearing deformation, thermal deformation, seat sinking and other reasons, the two shafts connected by the Steel Laminae Coupling will have certain axial, angular and radial offsets, which will lead to additional loads on the shaft, bearing and coupling, and worsen the working conditions of the ship’s propulsion shafting. The use of Steel Laminae Coupling can greatly weaken the influence of additional load and improve the working conditions of marine propulsion shafting.

Steel Laminae Coupling

Steel Laminae Couplings are widely used in marine propulsion shafting, especially in high-speed yacht propulsion shafting, and are the key components of Steel Laminae Couplings. In order to meet the safe and reliable operation requirements of the high-speed shafting of ships, the stress analysis and strength calculation of the diaphragm must be carried out. Zero rotation clearance, easy to disassemble and assemble, clockwise and anticlockwise are the same, stainless steel diaphragm and compensation angle and axial deviation, commonly used to connect servo motor and stepper motor. Steel Laminae Coupling is a general mechanical component used to connect two shafts of different mechanisms and rotate together to transmit torque.

In high-speed and heavy-load power transmission, some couplings also have the functions of cushioning, damping and improving the dynamic performance of shafting. The Steel Laminae Coupling is composed of two halves of the driving shaft and the driven shaft. Generally, the power machine is connected with the working machine through the coupling, and is a common connecting part in the shaft transmission of mechanical products. The diaphragm group is the main elastic element of the Steel Laminae Coupling. During operation, the diaphragm group bears tensile, extrusion, shear and other complex forces, and is in a complex stress state, and thereby transmits torque and motion, while absorbing vibration and compensating deviation.

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