Temperature difference assembly and starting frequency of Flexible Jaw Coupling

Flexible Jaw Couplings

The elastic element of the Flexible Jaw Coupling is placed between the two halves of the coupling pawls to realize the elastic connection of the existing half of the coupling, which can be used for various horizontal and vertical transmission shafting of medium and small power. Because elasticity has the function of cushioning and vibration reduction, it is used more in situations with strong vibration. The Flexible Jaw Coupling is expanded by heating or the shaft end is shrunk by cooling, so that the tire coupling can be easily installed on the shaft. For the hub made of brittle materials, it is appropriate to use the temperature difference assembly method. The temperature difference assembly method mostly uses the heating method, while the cooling method is less.

We put the hub into the high flash point oil to heat the oil bath or welding gun for baking, some of them are heated by the oven, and the assembly site is mostly heated by the oil bath and welding gun. The high temperature that can be achieved by oil bath heating depends on the nature of the oil, which is generally below 200 ℃. When the hub is heated by other methods, the temperature of the coupling can be higher than 200 ℃. However, from the perspective of metallography and heat treatment, the heating temperature of the plum blossom coupling cannot be increased at will, and the recrystallization temperature of the steel is 430 ℃. If the heating temperature exceeds 430 ℃, the internal structure of the steel will change, so the upper limit of the heating temperature.

In the transmission shaft system, due to the motor driving load starting, sudden braking and smooth operation, there will be impact load, which will cause the coupling to fail due to instantaneous overload. Additional load will be generated during startup. We should consider the impact of startup frequency on strength when selecting the coupling. The Flexible Jaw Coupling is mainly composed of two convex teeth that are closely meshed and subject to radial extrusion to transmit torque. When the two axes are offset relative to each other, the elastic element will have corresponding elastic deformation and play an automatic compensation role. The plum blossom coupling has strong ability to bear misalignment, has the characteristics of vibration reduction and noise reduction, and can meet the operation requirements of most power transmission devices.

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