The deflection of two shafts of Universal Shaft is compensated with expansion sleeve

Universal Shaft

When the universal coupling rotates, the stress caused by the angular deviation is regarded as the alternating stress. The space at the tooth side is larger than that of the ordinary gear. The universal coupling compensates the relative deviation of the two shafts and has the functions of vibration reduction and buffering. It is applicable to the transmission shaft connecting the two coaxial shafts. It has the function of failure protection, which affects the service life of the high carbon chromium steel rolling bearing parts. The static stress is taken as the uniform stress of the diaphragm under various single working conditions. When the external cutting fluid chips and dust enter along the space between the main shaft and the flange plate, it can prevent damage to the bearing journal. When the equipment is used, connect one end of the protective cover to the surrounding surface of the ball nut and tighten it with the hexagon socket bolts.

The instantaneous rotational speed of the two shafts is the same, which is used in the place where the two shafts are skewed or have relative displacement during operation. According to the compensation displacement, the rigid movable expansion sleeve can be divided into rigid movable expansion sleeve and elastic movable expansion sleeve. The rigid movable expansion sleeve uses the dynamic connection between the operating parts of the expansion sleeve, and has the degree of movement in one direction or several directions to compensate, such as the jaw expansion sleeve, cross groove expansion sleeve, universal expansion sleeve, gear expansion sleeve, chain expansion sleeve, etc, The elastic movable expansion sleeve uses the elastic deformation of the elastic element to compensate the deflection and displacement of the two axes, and the elastic element also has the functions of cushioning and vibration reduction.

Universal Shaft

Universal couplings are used to connect two shafts in different organizations. In high-speed and heavy-load power transmission, some expansion sleeves also have the function of buffering the vibration reduction of universal expansion sleeves and the dynamic function of the forward shaft system. Universal coupling is used as a movable rigid coupling on the two-phase intersection shaft, with an angle of 45 degrees between the two axes, and is widely used in machine tools, automobiles, precision machinery and heavy machinery; The fork-shaped parts at both ends are in the same plane, which can make the angular velocity of the driving shaft and the driven shaft equal. The included angle between the two shafts changes with the work needs within the limited scale. There are straight grooves on the two ball forks. Each straight groove is skewed with the axis centerline, and the skewed view points are the same and symmetrical with each other.

The axial movement of the Universal Shaft can be divided into the axial inelastic ball cage Universal Shaft and the elastic ball cage Universal Shaft. The internal and external splines of the star sleeve of the fixed ball cage Universal Shaft are connected with the transmission shaft, and the power is transmitted from the transmission shaft through the steel ball and spherical shell. The structural feature of the elastic ball cage type Universal Shaft is that there are cylindrical straight grooves on the inner wall of the cylindrical shell and the outside of the star sleeve, and steel balls are installed in the raceway formed after the two are assembled. Universal couplings do not need to be lubricated or repaired, and are especially suitable for wet and dusty working environments.

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