The journal and bearing of the spider of the Universal Shaft are worn

Universal Shaft

The cross shaft of the cross Universal Shaft is also known as the cross joint. It is a mechanism to realize the variable angle power transmission and is used to change the position of the transmission axial direction. In the process of transmission, the failure of the cross universal coupling is mainly due to the excessive wear of the journal and bearing of the cross shaft. Another is that the journal is bent and deformed, resulting in that the center lines of each axis of the cross shaft are not on the same plane, or the center lines of the two adjacent axes are not vertical.

The wear clearance between the journal and the bearing of the cross Universal Shaft is too large, which causes the cross shaft to shake during operation, resulting in the deviation of the shaft centerline from the rotation centerline. During operation, the cross Universal Shaft will make abnormal noise. The main cause of wear is lack of lubrication. If the wear is too deep, it is necessary to weld the journal and bearing and repair the bushing. There is also heat treatment and grinding. After repair, the perpendicularity of the two adjacent axes shall be vertical and the axes shall be in the same plane.

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