The load distribution of the plum coupling is uneven, not suitable for high speed

plum coupling

Before heating, connect the quincunx coupling. After the quincunx coupling is hot installed on the shaft, pour the journal with cold water to cool it to prevent the heat from spreading into the armature and affecting the insulation. The plum coupling is connected by placing elastic elements between the two halves of the coupling jaws. The structure standard of the two halves of the coupling is the same, and there are several claws on its end face, which are placed between the circular convex parts of the quincunx elastic element in turn, and the torque is transmitted from the driving shaft to the driven shaft through the touch torque. The method of quincunx elastic element is not limited to circular convex part, but also rectangular and long arc convex part.

The load distribution on the contact surface of the torque transfer pawl is related to the shape of the contact part. The non-uniformity of the load distribution will be added along with the difference of the diameter in the table. When there is a gap between the working surface of the elastic element and the pawl of the half coupling, this non-uniformity of load distribution will be further added. The load distribution on the working surface of the claw is uneven, and the load between the loaded claws also tends to be uneven. The characteristic of the plum coupling is that the number of parts is small, the appearance standard is small, the manufacturing of elastic elements is simple, and the load capacity adjustment is also relatively good. However, when assembling and disassembling, it is necessary to move the two halves of the coupling along the axial direction.

The plum coupling has good balance function and is suitable for use at high speed, but it cannot deal with great mistakes. The deflection angle will produce greater bearing load than other servo couplings. Once the quincunx elastic spacer is damaged or fails, the torque transmission will not stop. The metal claws of the two shaft sleeves mesh together to transmit torque continuously, which may cause problems in the system. The plum blossom spacer made of various elastic materials has different hardness and temperature acceptance. Select appropriate materials to meet the functional standards for practical use. The clockwise and counterclockwise reversal characteristics of the plum coupling are the same, and the central elastic body of the plum coupling is connected.

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