The plum coupling compensates the performance by squeezing transmission

plum coupling

The quincunx coupling is based on the straight claw type, but the difference is that its design can be suitable for the application of servo system, which is often used to connect servo motor, stepping motor and ball screw. The purpose of curved surface is to reduce the deformation of elastic plum blossom spacer and the influence of centripetal force on it during high-speed operation. The elastic spacer of the plum blossom coupling has multiple blade branches. The elastic spacer of the plum blossom coupling is matched with the shaft sleeves on both sides through extrusion, and its zero-space performance is understood. Unlike the slider coupling, the plum coupling is driven by extrusion, while the slider coupling is driven by shear.

When installing the plum coupling, the compensation amount shall be reserved according to the direction of thermal expansion. The structure of the plum coupling without spacer sleeve shall allow proper axial movement to separate the internal and external elastic parts, so as to check the working condition and not disassemble the coupling during equipment maintenance. The structure of the plum coupling shall be aligned with all parts. Plum coupling can transmit motion and torque, and has different degrees of axial, radial and angular compensation performance; Different degrees of vibration reduction and buffering, and the working performance of the transmission system, including various non-metallic elastic element flexible couplings and metal elastic element flexible couplings.

The plum coupling can transmit movement and torque, overload safety protection, and also has different degrees of compensation performance; We connect the two shafts together. The two shafts cannot be separated when the machine is running. The two shafts can be separated only after the connection is removed after the machine is stopped; The rotational speed of the working coupling is high or low. For the two-shaft connection that needs high-speed operation, the coupling structure with high balance should be considered; The shafting connected by the coupling and its operation conditions. For the shafting with large mass, large inertia and frequent starting, speed change or reverse rotation, the coupling that can withstand large overload and buffer should be considered.

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