The Universal Shaft is in normal use without any abnormality

Universal Shaft

When rotating, lift the implement as long as it is off the ground, and the lifting angle shall not exceed 15 degrees. When the lifting height exceeds the standard, pay attention to cutting off the power, otherwise it is easy to unscrew and damage the universal coupling. On the tractor power output shaft, a locating pin is installed, and then the square tube plug is inserted in the correct way to connect with the implement. The locating pin is locked with a cotter pin, and the locating pin is used for fixing. Observe the reading of the axial dial indicator, tap the front and rear feet of the movable end with a copper bar, and adjust the axial reading to the original half. According to the test of high and low position, the universal joint can stretch freely, if there is no abnormal phenomenon.

After starting, make the machine rotate normally before it can work. A device that rotates together in the process of transmitting motion and power and usually does not separate; As a safety device, it can also prevent the connecting parts from bearing excessive load and play the role of overload protection. Check the shape, surface roughness and surface quality of the universal coupling against the main view and other views, check whether the geometric shape of the coupling is qualified, and check whether the position of each element is correct, such as the surface roughness and surface quality of the hole slot. When measuring the form and position error, pay attention to the measurement datum and the elements indicating the principle of inclusiveness and substantiality.

Due to coupling manufacturing and assembly errors, shaft load and thermal expansion deformation, as well as the relative movement between parts, the relative displacement of the axes of the two shafts is caused. The allowable overall dimensions and installation methods, and the operating space required for convenient assembly, adjustment and maintenance. For large couplings, they should be able to be disassembled without axial movement. Due to continuous operation, the relative moving parts of universal joint will be worn, which is a common cause of damage. Improper planning, selection and installation of connecting bolts are also important reasons for universal joint damage.

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