Turning of universal coupling fork

universal coupling

In the process of mass production of SWC universal coupling, if the processing problem of flange fork head is encountered, the fork head is cast steel, and the outer circle and flange end face need to be processed. When turning, there is no problem to clamp the fork head at the flange end, but when turning the flange, there is no way to clamp it. The four-jaw single-acting chuck of the lathe can only have two claws struggling and can’t be clamped. Consider welding the process claw. Because of the large batch, it is too waste, It is not easy to design tooling. In this case, we have come up with a simple and feasible method. Stack the fork heads in a staggered manner to ensure that the gap between the fork heads is equal. After the basic alignment without deflection, spot weld the four welding points into a whole. In this way, the flange plates at both ends can be easily clamped and turned into each machined surface.

For the processing of turning and equipment processing of universal coupling fork head, I would like to introduce so much to you. I hope you can gain something.

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