Uniform distribution of pressure carried by Flexible Jaw Coupling

Flexible Jaw Couplings

The elastic element has a high bearing capacity under pressure. Except for the double-flange quincunx elastic coupling, it is necessary to move the half coupling axially when replacing the vulnerable parts. This coupling has the ability to compensate for the relative deviation of the two shafts. When installing the Flexible Jaw Coupling, the compensation amount shall be reserved according to the direction of thermal expansion. The structure of gear coupling without spacer sleeve shall allow the gear sleeve to make proper axial movement to separate the internal and external teeth, so as to check the working condition of gear teeth and do not disassemble the coupling during equipment maintenance. The structure of the quincunx coupling shall be aligned with all parts, and the embedded internal and external teeth shall be centered by the tooth top. In order to reduce the potential imbalance, the circumferential backlash of the teeth shall be reduced.

Due to the high speed of the Flexible Jaw Coupling, the elastomer will be heated. Because the size of the plum claw of the coupling processed by the precision machine tool is evenly distributed, the elastomer will be heated evenly, so the service life of the coupling will be greatly increased. The quincunx claw of the quincunx coupling will be unevenly divided, which will lead to uneven heating of the elastomer, thus reducing the service life of the coupling. The Flexible Jaw Coupling transmits energy through the extrusion between the claw and the elastic ring. The elastic deformation of the elastic ring can make up for the offset of the two shafts, complete the vibration reduction and buffering, and the elastic parts have relatively high compression bearing strength.

The elastic body of the plum blossom coupling is made of high elastic polyurethane material, which has the function of high temperature resistance and shock absorption. The integral quincunx elastic ring is installed between the claws of two half couplings with the same shape to realize the connection of the two half couplings. The power is transmitted through the extrusion between the claws and the elastic ring, and the relative deviation of the two shafts is compensated by the elastic deformation of the elastic ring to achieve vibration reduction and buffering. Because elasticity is under pressure and obviously under tension, the service life of elastomer is generally 10 years. Because elasticity has the function of cushioning and vibration reduction, it is widely used in occasions with strong vibration. It is a widely used coupling.

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