Universal Coupling maintenance

Universal Coupling

The maintenance method of universal joint is as follows:
1) Check
Check whether the universal joint is abnormal during operation, which can not only ensure safety, but also improve the operation rate of mechanical equipment, and also greatly benefit the service life of the universal joint. If any abnormality is found, stop the operation immediately to find out the cause.
2) Lubrication
The bearings and splines should be lubricated regularly. In addition to operation, oil should be injected once a week within six months, once every six months after the working conditions are stable, and once every three months for spline shaft and universal coupling used for main drive of rolling mill.
3) Repair
In case of abnormal sound, vibration, oil leakage and other abnormal phenomena, stop the machine as soon as possible for disassembly and inspection. Even if no abnormality is found, regular inspection should be carried out, especially for the universal coupling used in important parts and which cannot be stopped in the middle of a long term continuous use, and regular repair should be carried out. The standard time is 5000 hours or one year, and the specific time shall be determined according to the use conditions.
a) Disassembly
During disassembly, dirt and oil on the universal joint shall be removed, and foreign matters shall be prevented from entering the bearing and spline. Before disassembly, use white paint to paint marks on all connecting parts, bearings, cross shafts and other parts to prevent misalignment during assembly.
b) Cleaning
The bearing and cross shaft cannot be cleaned in the same oil pool where other parts are cleaned, and should be dried with compressed air after cleaning.
c) Check
After disassembly, the main parts shall be carefully checked for wear and damage, and replaced according to the extent. Check the spider and rolling surface for peeling, pitting, abrasion and indentation, and replace them if any.
d) Assembly
During assembly, proceed in the reverse order of disassembly and make it exactly the same as the position before disassembly according to the white mark. The phase of the fork heads at both ends of the spline shaft and spline sleeve shall be the same; Ensure the axial clearance of 0.05~0.10mm on one side of the cross shaft; The coupling bolt shall be pre-tightened with a torque wrench according to the specified pre-tightening torque; After assembly, relubricate its bearings and splines.

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