Why the Universal Shaft can’t be filled with oil

Universal Shaft

The oil hole is blocked: if the oil nozzle is deformed or rusty, the oil passage will be blocked in this case; Therefore, the nozzle must be replaced in a timely manner. When replacing, make sure that the interface is clean, and avoid dust, impurities or gravel inside.

Inadequate inlet pressure: the oil injector of this kind of equipment makes the oil pressure higher through the function of the pump, and then achieves the oil injection effect through the high-pressure way; Therefore, the pressure of the oil injector itself is insufficient, which may also lead to the failure of oil filling.

Incorrect oil: because the principle of lubricant is to keep the relevant position to achieve the ideal lubrication effect, if it is in different seasons, it must be replaced in time; Otherwise, it is easy to harden the lubricating oil and block the oil hole, so it will not be able to add oil.

Human error in judgment: in some cases, the workers may not consider the storage of oil or the relevant conditions of pre-filling oil before leaving the factory, resulting in the situation that the oil can not be added during refueling.

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