Working shaft hole form of curved tooth gear coupling under sealed condition

curved tooth gear coupling

The horizontal and concentricity errors of the two shafts are large, resulting in the inability of the coupling to roll. The reason for coupling gear wear is similar. In addition to normal stress, the connecting bolts are also broken due to additional bending moment. This reason mostly occurs when there is a large gap between the left and right sides of the main shaft of the reducer. Small bolt diameter, insufficient strength or poor bolt material can also lead to bolt fracture. The curved tooth gear coupling is composed of internal gear ring with the same number of teeth and flange half coupling with external teeth. The external teeth are divided into straight teeth and drum teeth. The so-called drum gear is to make the external teeth into spherical surfaces.

The spherical center is on the gear axis, and the tooth side clearance is larger than that of ordinary gears. The curved tooth gear coupling can allow large angular displacement, improve the contact conditions of the teeth, enhance the ability to transmit torque, and extend the service life. When the curved tooth gear coupling works, the two shafts produce relative displacement, and the tooth surfaces of the internal and external teeth periodically make axial relative sliding, resulting in tooth surface wear and power loss. Therefore, the curved tooth gear coupling needs to work under good lubrication and sealing conditions. The horizontal and coaxiality errors of the two shafts are too large, which exceed the coupling range, and are compensated, resulting in inaccurate meshing between the shaft teeth and the internal teeth, resulting in local contact and additional torque.

curved tooth gear coupling

When the torque sensor is used, its equipment should be between the power source and load of two sets of couplings, and the power load and load equipment should be fixed properly, otherwise it cannot work normally. The axial force and bending moment to be accepted by the coupling shall be prevented as far as possible from causing the appearance damage due to excessive external acceptance force. The dynamic torque sensor is connected to the motor. The measurement of large torque force should be carefully applied, and the connection between the coupling and the sensor should be careful. The form of coupling shaft hole is generally divided into two categories, one is the shape of cylindrical shaft hole with equal sectional area at both ends of the shaft hole, and the other is the conical shaft hole with unequal interface connection at both ends.

Under low-speed and heavy-load conditions, the coupling with medium and small power should be avoided, and the overload should be controlled to protect the shafting; For shafting with large load variation and impact and vibration, select elastic coupling with elastic components and good cushioning and vibration reduction effect. The bearing capacity of the metal elastic coupling is higher than that of the non-metal elastic element elastic coupling, and the elasticity of the elastic coupling with the elastic element being squeezed is higher than that of the elastic coupling with the elastic element being sheared. The load category of the traditional system is the basic basis for selecting the type of coupling. It compensates the axis offset and has the working performance of the transmission system.

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