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The Flexible Pin Gear Coupling is designed with non-metallic flexible pin, two toothed semi-couplings and a toothed sleeve ring with an outer ring. It uses non-metallic flexible deformation to transfer torque and cushion shock and compensate angular displacement. The Flexible Pin Coupling is a basic transmission parts that has simple structure, needs no lubrication, and is easy to manufacture, install and disassemble the flexible pin. It uses two semi-couplings with flange holes and a non-metallic flexible pin for crane to transmit torque, suitable for low-to-medium speed and low-to-medium torque occasions. The design of the Pin Bush Coupling is simple and clever in design and has wide applicability. It uses the pin with elastic sleeve to connect two semi-couplings with pin holes to realize torque transmission and larger angular compensation. At the same time, it has good shock absorption and buffering performance, which can be used in high-speed occasions without lubrication and requiring easy pin sleeve replacement.

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