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China Rokee Coupling Manufacturer

Chinese Coupling Manufacturer

Rokee Based on China and facing the world, More than 20 years for customers to provide more than one million sets of various technical standards of excellent quality coupling products, service to the high-end market demand.

Technology and Service

Due to excellent quality, complete technical services and superior cost performance, Rokee couplings have been serving more than 60 countries and regions in the world, effectively operating in many corners of the world.

Customized coupling

With our rich experience and technical reserve, We can design and produce most of the coupling products with different standards and different use requirements, no matter they are large or small as beads.

high-end industrial fields

In addition to providing couplings for ordinary industries, Rokee also provides many high-end industrial fields, such as nuclear power generation, steam turbine, wind power generation, high-speed railway, Marine engineering ships, ropeway construction, etc., providing high performance and high technology content couplings and establishing many technical standards that it is proud of.

select and calculate more suitable couplings

Tell Rokee what you need, Our professional engineers will respond immediately and work with you to select and calculate more suitable coupling products to better realize your shafting drive idea.

cooperation with rokee

Transfer of motivation to achieve you and me, We hold the belief that there is no future without quality, and insist on doing our best to use quality to carry our common future with you.

Curved-tooth Gear Couplings,Cardan Universal Shaft,Flexible Couplings - Chinese Rokee Coupling Customized Manufacturer

Rokee® Since 1999

Universal Shaft & Couplings Manufacturer

Customized couplings according to your drawings

Rokee has been established in China for more than 22 years. Since our establishment, we have been working consistently to implement our business philosophy of innovation and service to serve many partners in China and around the world. With strong pursuit for quality and innovation, we have developed rapidly and become a well-known high-quality supplier of couplings and technical services in China.
Curved-tooth Gear Couplings, Drum Gear Couplings

Curved-tooth Gear Couplings

The drum gear coupling is a specially designed advanced gear coupling. Its outer teeth are made into a sphere, with the center of the sphere on the axis of the gear. The teeth clearance is slightly larger than the general products and can transfer a greater torque and allow greater angular displacement, enjoying excellent performance and longer life.
Cardan Shaft, Universal Couplings, Universal Joint

Universal Shaft

The cardan universal coupling uses cross bearings to connect the flanges at both ends, which can transmit torque that is not on the same axis. The diagonal compensation can reach more than 25°, and the spline connection can compensate for the axial displacement in a large distance. With high carrying capacity and excellent transmission efficiency, it is widely used in modern industrial fields.
Flexible Couplings

Flexible Couplings

The flexible coupling contains elastic diaphragm couplings, plum shaped elastic couplings, elastic tyre couplings, elastic pin couplings.

Customized Coupling

Rokee can produce customized couplings according to the drawings provided by customers

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