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Drum Gear Barrel Coupling

Rokee is a well-known high-quality Barrel Coupling manufacturer from China, Learn more about drum gear barrel coupling, pls contact Rokee technical engineer, we can customize barrel coupling according to user drawings, alternatively, if the user provides barrel coupling parameters, we can select the model and design drawings for you, Rokee also support wholesale and export.

The barrel coupling is a specially designed advanced tooth coupling. Its outer teeth are made into a sphere, with the center of the sphere on the axis of the gear. The teeth clearance is slightly larger than the general products and can transfer a greater torque and allow greater angular displacement, enjoying excellent performance and longer life.

The barrel coupling is an important part in the transmission system of crane equipment, it connects the power input shaft of the reducer with the drum, transmits torque and restricts the axial movement of the drum at the same time, barrel coupling also has mechanical or electronic wear alarm, and is one of the core parts of the drum crane mechanism.

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