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Plum-shaped Coupling Design

Rokee is a well-known high-quality Plum-shaped Coupling manufacturer from China, Learn more about plum-shaped coupling design, pls contact Rokee technical engineer, we can customize plum-shaped coupling according to user drawings, alternatively, if the user provides plum-shaped coupling parameters, we can select the model and design drawings for you, Rokee also support wholesale and export.

The plum-shaped coupling is composed of two semi-couplings with convex claws and a plum-shaped flexible non-metallic element whose hardness can be adjusted. By embedding the plum-shaped flexible element into the two semi-couplings to realize the connection, plum-shaped coupling has the characteristics of compensating the relative displacement of the two axes, reducing vibration and buffering, simple structure and easy maintenance without lubrication. The plum-shaped coupling is a widely used coupling, also called a claw coupling, which is composed of two metal claw discs and an elastic body. The two metal claws are generally made of No. 45 steel, but aluminum alloys are also useful when load sensitivity is required.

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